Jan. 13th, 2010


Jan. 13th, 2010 06:48 pm
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Well, for the first time in a while, I just feel really horribly down. :-(

As I was saying to [livejournal.com profile] elmyraemilie earlier today, I'd been getting a lot of television channels in my cable package for free. Well, Monday night, the cable company seems to have caught wise because I am now down to just the nine or so channels I pay for. ::sigh::

Well, somehow I got it into my head that this might possibly be a good time to do something about the sheer quantity of reality television I've been watching. I watch reality shows when I'm feeling down, tired, bored, sad, sick, you name it. It would be nice to scale that back a bit.

So, I need things to fill the newfound free time. I get a lot of work done during the day, but I'm talking about the hours when I'm just too tired to do my academic research or prepare a lesson plan, but not tired enough to sleep.

Today, after working for hours and becoming too tired to go on, I decided to make a South Indian dessert I'd heard about online: mysore pak. Bizarrely, I actually happened to have some chickpea flour sitting in my pantry, so it was a go.

I made the clarified butter, then toasted the flour, mixed in the simple syrup, used vanilla and pumpkin pie spice to flavor it because I didn't have any cardamom, and stirred and stirred and stirred until it was time to pour it out into a greased dish to cool. I tasted a bit of it. It was pretty damn yummy! I figured I'd have a piece and take the rest in to work tomorrow.

To speed up the cooling process, I stuck the dish in the fridge. Well, that's where it all went wrong. The dish wasn't perfectly balanced, and it toppled out of the fridge, fell, and shattered on my kitchen floor.


Bah! I feel defeated and depressed.


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