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2011-07-10 12:15 pm

Google Plus

I'm on Google Plus! So if you have a fannish Google Plus account, let me know and I'll add you to one of my circles. :) And if you need an invite, let me know and I'll invite you as soon as they allow invites.
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2011-06-21 07:17 pm

And Justified just gets slashier and slashier and slashier.

I'm up to episode 211 now, "Full Commitment." And there is a stunningly slashy scene between Raylan and Tim.

Please God tell me this spawned some gorram fic!! )

Yeah, so I've pretty much just watched that scene over and over and over again. I LOVE their facial expressions during their scene, it is just so unbelievably, GUH!

Major spoiler for Justified ep. 211 )

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2011-06-04 04:44 pm

Franklin & Bash!

OMG... did you all see the pilot of Franklin and Bash? It is seriously awesome and sooooo slashy! And it stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar (aka ZACK!!) and Breckin Meyer (whom I have *adored* since Inside Schwartz).

There are just so many moments of squee here. It's incredible.

I'm not in love with the way this show writes women, but it is nice to see some absolutely GORGEOUS Black women in the cast.

I do love how much of an old married couple Franklin and Bash are. So adorable! And Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer have long been two of my favorites. They're both just so darn CUTE.

Check it out! (The link is to a video that may start playing automatically.)
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2011-05-28 08:23 pm

Another Andrej Pejic vid.

Stunning vid of a stunning model. Wow!

I'm pretty thrilled that there's already a decent-sized fandom for him and even an active lj comm! :)

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2011-05-28 06:42 pm

Andrej Pejic

Umm... so, I'm basically obsessed with this pretty face right now:

Photograph of gorgeous androgynous runway model, Andrej Pejic. He is tall, thin, of Eastern European descent with incredible bone structure and beautiful fine features but a very strong "look". Long, wavy blonde hair. He wears a fur coat belted with a gold lame belt and is carrying a gold gun that is beyond HOT:

This is a male runway model named Andrej Pejic and he has walked for the likes of Gaultier and Galliano, modeling both male and female clothing. I think he is positively stunning!

YouTube fanvid and a tumblr behind the cut. )

I learned about Pejic because of an article in The Daily Mail, saying that Barnes & Noble and Borders are censoring a magazine cover he posed for, because he appears topless in the photo and does not read sufficiently "male," visually! How messed up! So now, not only are women's torsos obscene, but men's torsos are obscene if they are not "manly" enough? WTF?!

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2011-05-27 03:16 pm


Herr Syd und ich haben entschieden, FedCon XX nicht zu besuchen, weil es uns ein bisschen teuer war und auch ein bisschen weit weg. Jetzt, weiß ich, dass diese Entscheidung ein richtiger Fehler war! LOL Also, frage ich euch, meine LJ-Friends in Deutschland, hast du FedCon, entweder dieses Jahr oder in der Vergangenheit, besucht? Was für ein Erlebnis war es? Empfehlst du es? Und denkst du, dass du FedCon XXI besuchen wirst?

Und hat jemand RingCon besucht? Ich habe gerade bemerkt, dass Schauspieler von Blood Ties da sein werden.
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2011-05-20 11:47 pm

Alles Gute, Timothy Olyphant!

I heard a rumor that today (May 20) is Timothy Olyphant's birthday, so... Feliz Cumpleaños and Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, dude! Happy Birthday and thanks for rocking so hard!
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2011-05-19 05:21 pm

Justified + Syd = MIND BLOWN!!!


Umm... so I might have been talking some smack about not seeing the appeal of Raylan/Boyd or the textual support for present-day Boylan although I could easily see it in the past.... Well, I have seen the light!!!

This show is so amazing! If you're not watching it, give it a try because you might just FALL IN LOVE as I have.

Spoilery for season one finale of Justified. )

Erm, you could say I'm a little freaking ecstatic about this goddamn show. WOW. WOW!!!

Wow, I was so happy to find Downton Abbey and now another show to be fannish about. I am such a lucky girl!!

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2011-05-18 08:31 pm

"Justified" seriously has some great lines

"You always been crazy, but this is batshit crazy."

Oh, this show has the best lines and now I need an icon that says this!

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2011-05-15 10:47 am

Justified on FX

Just got done watching the first three episodes of this show. Wow! Love it!

And is it just me, or is Raylan Givens clearly the long lost lovechild of Ray K and Benton Fraser?
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2011-05-13 01:26 pm

Teachers outed and targeted IRL for producing pseudonymous erotica.

This article was posted on yesterday and of course, I found it quite interesting (and a little alarming, too).

The secret sex lives of teachers

Never before has it been so difficult to keep our private selves totally private, and the potential for professional conflict is huge. The stakes are raised even higher when it comes to teachers, though. As concerned parents have pointed out, they're teaching "our kids," the young and impressionable future generation. Does being an erotica writer make one unfit for that task?

Of course, the answer is No, but what's concerning is that some school districts and parents seem to be answering, Yes.

More here:

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2011-05-12 10:51 am

New Downton Abbey community on Dreamwidth

I started a community for Downton Abbey since I couldn't find one on Dreamwidth! So if you are interested in a slash-friendly Dowton Abbey comm, please join in. :)

[community profile] downtonabbey 

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2011-05-10 04:51 pm

Downton Abbey

Is anyone else watching Downton Abbey? Anyone? I just finished watching the first season and OH MY GAWD. I love it and it's the first new show I've felt fannish about in, well, a long time!
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2011-05-09 11:53 pm

I wish I knew how to quit you....

So, I've started catching up on season 8 of Smallville and the fact is... I love this show. I don't even know why I ever stopped watching, although I think I got disillusioned by just how much of the original cast had left by the end of season 7. I'm really sorry that SV is going off the air after this season and I'm going to miss it. That may sound kind of silly, but I feel like, even though SV and me haven't always been on the best of terms, it has become a standby over the years and I don't like the fact that there won't be a new season. ::sigh::

In other news, I watched the last four episodes of Downton Abbey today and plan to start watching the first season again from the top tomorrow. squee!
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2011-05-08 10:55 pm

Downton Abbey

Is anyone else watching Downton Abbey? Anyone? I just finished the third episode and OH MY GAWD. (BTW, you want to find the original British version because apparently PBS really did a hatchet job when they aired it.)

If you've ever thought, "Hmm, I love a great Edwardian period drama, set in a beautiful old English manor, but what would really put this over the top is a character who looks a bit like Simon Tam AND IS GAY," then this is the show for you!!!

Somewhat spoilery but completely wonderful Downton Abbey vid featuring my favorite character, Thomas. )

Of course, this is the first new show I've really felt fannish about in ages, and I can find only glimmerings of fanac anywhere and practically no slash. Life is so cruel!
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2010-10-12 05:57 pm

from the Archives...

DH and I will soon begin watching this series that I picked up today....

With dvd art like that, I have very high hopes!!
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2010-02-08 08:23 am

post-deadline exhalation

Wow! Haven't posted in a couple weeks. I have been working really hard on preparing a research document to meet a deadline last Friday. I was also sick for most of January, first with a stomach flu and then with a stubborn cold. Finally starting to feel better, and now, I'm just back to the *usual* busy-ness!

Not much new, here. Now that I'm not feeling so sick or swamped with work, I'm getting back into my pre-holiday diet and exercise routines, which feels good. I've been doing a combo of using aerobic equipment at the gym at work, and doing videos at home. I have some Zumba, bellydancing, yoga, and Pilates vids, which I rotate.

Watched a couple episodes of Modern Family on Hulu, yesterday. I really like that show!
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2010-01-13 06:48 pm


Well, for the first time in a while, I just feel really horribly down. :-(

As I was saying to [ profile] elmyraemilie earlier today, I'd been getting a lot of television channels in my cable package for free. Well, Monday night, the cable company seems to have caught wise because I am now down to just the nine or so channels I pay for. ::sigh::

Well, somehow I got it into my head that this might possibly be a good time to do something about the sheer quantity of reality television I've been watching. I watch reality shows when I'm feeling down, tired, bored, sad, sick, you name it. It would be nice to scale that back a bit.

So, I need things to fill the newfound free time. I get a lot of work done during the day, but I'm talking about the hours when I'm just too tired to do my academic research or prepare a lesson plan, but not tired enough to sleep.

Today, after working for hours and becoming too tired to go on, I decided to make a South Indian dessert I'd heard about online: mysore pak. Bizarrely, I actually happened to have some chickpea flour sitting in my pantry, so it was a go.

I made the clarified butter, then toasted the flour, mixed in the simple syrup, used vanilla and pumpkin pie spice to flavor it because I didn't have any cardamom, and stirred and stirred and stirred until it was time to pour it out into a greased dish to cool. I tasted a bit of it. It was pretty damn yummy! I figured I'd have a piece and take the rest in to work tomorrow.

To speed up the cooling process, I stuck the dish in the fridge. Well, that's where it all went wrong. The dish wasn't perfectly balanced, and it toppled out of the fridge, fell, and shattered on my kitchen floor.


Bah! I feel defeated and depressed.
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2010-01-10 08:54 am


Well, my Lodge Dutch Oven (or "Faux Creuset," as I like to say) cooks like an absolute dream. I even think I actually prefer it to my mother's Le Creuset, although that may have more to do with the fact that I love Dutch Ovens, and she doesn't have one in her collection.

This Dutch Oven was a $60 Christmas gift, but practically identical Le Creuset goes for $229! I used to have a nice Le Creuset casserole dish that I quite liked, and it was not too spendy, but in general, I am a total Lodge convert, now.

DBF has shown particularly exemplary and attentive behavior this week as nurse, chauffeur, and head cheerleader, so I have decided to thank him with a sumptuous brunch today, now that I am up and feeling better. He requested quiche, because it gives him a chance to sample my pastry dough, which, I am not too shy to say, I have absolutely perfected. I'm using a Julia Child recipe for the quiche filling and I'm pretty damn excited to see how that turns out!

Went out to an Ethiopian restaurant last night with two female friends. We had never all hung out together before, and I think the group dynamic was good! We are going to get together again next weekend to make mulled wine and watch the Golden Globes. Fun!

One of my friends was headed out to a jazz club after dinner. I would have loved to join her, but I was too exhausted. I'm *still* getting over being totally knocked out earlier this week, and I had worked on a paper I am proposing at a conference all yesterday, and I was totally knackered from going to a friend's birthday party Friday night and seeing a drag show (which was *excellent*!).

Today, I'm looking forward to doing a little cleaning, making this quiche (yum!), and relaxing.

ETA: The quiche (spinach and gruyere) turned out amazing!!
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2010-01-08 12:18 pm

Random catching-up

The holidays were very peaceful and nice! I'm back up north now, enjoying the snow that keeps falling and falling outside my window. I go back to work next Thursday, so in the meantime I'm using the time to get back into my routine. (I also got some bad food poisoning last weekend, from which I am still recovering! Not only did that knock me out in its own right, but not being able to drink coffee has put me into some severe caffeine withdrawal. Oy.)

Last night, in my first foray out of doors, I went to a screening of the James Cagney gangster film White Heat. Wow, it was great! I actually just found it on Google Video and am partway through watching it again. I'm excited that the little film museum near me has a great line-up over the next couple months. Lots of good films noir and a series of DeNiro/Scorsese collaborations. I missed Mean Streets on Wednesday, but next week they're showing Taxi Driver. I've seen Taxi Driver a million times but surprisingly, never on film. I'm psyched.

One of the Christmas gifts I received this year was a beautiful, "Caribbean Blue" 6-qt. Dutch Oven from Lodge. I'm ready to christen it this weekend, perhaps with a big pot of lentil soup. It is giant!

I made some neat scores at thrift stores over the holidays, with one of my coolest finds being an old Kodak Brownie camera. It's up on one of the built-ins in our living room, looking all cute. :)

Alright. This whole recovering from sickness/ no-coffee thing is catching up with me again. Off to rest!