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My friend K. and I had an AMAZING DAY, yesterday!

It was funny because we had both been feeling under the weather. We chatted on the phone about what to do with our plans for Saturday, and we both decided, hey, if we're together hanging out, we'll have fun, even if neither of us is feeling 100%.

Our plans were to hit up some thrift stores. The thrifting portion of the day. )

After we got done thrifting, we went to a coffeeshop downtown to relax, chat, and sip some chai. This was lovely. Finally, we were ready to call it a day and head home. We walked outside--and there was a freaking PARADE happening! So we joined it! It was a holiday parade. The funniest part was that interspersed among the tunes the marching band played was Sweet Caroline. Not quite sure how that fits in, but hey. I won't complain! There were a couple thousand people singing Christmas carols and marching through downtown to an ice skating rink. Santa and Mrs. Claus came out on the ice and gave out candy, and then there was a freaking FIREWORKS display. How cool is that?!

So, we decided that this was officially the most awesome day of awesomeness, ever. Especially since we started out the day thinking, well, we both just need to get out of our respective houses and we haven't hung out in like two weeks, which is too long, so let's get out and do something. And it ended with us marching in a parade and seeing fireworks downtown! Cool!
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Alright, I knew this would happen.

My name is Syd, and I am a thrift-aholic.

I just get such a freaking rush when I find a great deal! Like, the modal/cotton fully-lined Talbots shirt I bought for $4 the other day. Sooo light, warm, and comfortable.

But more exciting is the Brighton handbag, in perfect, brand-new condition, spic-and-span inside and lining fully clean and intact, that I bought at a thrift store this morning. I paid $6.99. Retail price? $230. Used price on eBay? Somewhere between $60 and $85.

I usually hate clothes-shopping, but in the thrift stores, I don't have to get irritated by astronomical prices, plus the clothing is organized by size with clothes from every brand imaginable all together so that I don't have to traipse from store to store to store praying there'll be something in my size. It's just especially important since I am working hard to put together a professional wardrobe after being a student for so long. Can't show up to the office in my Batman t-shirt anymore (as much as this hurts me)!

One thing I did NOT buy, even though I had a love for it, was an electric pink zip-front tailored blazer with big round black buttons on the cuffs. OMG I loved it, it was so garish and ridiculous, but I just couldn't imagine where or in what circumstances I would wear the thing. Yes, I know that this is what con balls are for, but even still. And what was the label, you ask? Stirling Cooper. Oh, it took all my willpower to put that thing back on the rack, but I'm really making an effort right now to just buy things that help meet my immediate need for clothes to wear to the office. Sometimes it really sucks to be a grown-up! lol


Oct. 9th, 2009 02:05 am
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In other news, I have made some recent clothes shopping trips to a few thrift stores.

I've never been much of a thrift store shopper. But boy, have they changed since I was in high school. It used to be racks and racks of stupid message T's with armpit stains. I'm not above a message T--at all--but come on.

Now, in all the stores I checked out, the merchandise seems so much nicer and better organized.

I am really starting to pull together a nice professional wardrobe, for very, very little money. This is awesome because I was really starting to get a little depressed and disheartened by what I could find in retail stores. (I can't be spending in excess of $100 an item just so I can look professional and stylish! Agh!)

I found a nice, autumnal denim dress with cute little snaps down the front and an embroidered collar. I also got a few really cute button-down shirts, and a nice pair of striped brown pants.

I have a sexy (but appropriately modest) brown wool pencil skirt that stops just below the knee. It shows no signs of wear at all. I looked up the designer online (Doncaster) and the skirt would cost about $175 new. I paid $3.99.

Today, I went to another thrift store and made another great coup: a stunning V-neck, below-the-knee, little black dress from Talbot's with a beautifully flattering silhouette, in a knit fabric that hangs perfectly on my frame. Besides the original price tag being missing, I honestly cannot detect any evidence that the thing was ever even worn. I think someone must have bought it, worn it once or twice, and then just given it away. I went on the Talbot's website. Average price for a dress like this? $149.00 My price? $5.99

Now that's much better.


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